Hi, I am Victory

My passion? To help stage fright brand move to becoming spotlight slayers The final result? I improve your confidence and give you a design that boosts your confidence and income.

I have always been fascinated about colors, while my friends and family jokingly says I am bad at choosing colors for my cloth, I never go wrong with colors while designing.

I run an organization called Daachiever International, and back then I had a passion to create a safe place for Christian writers like me, I knew I did not have the money to pay a designer back then, so I jumped on into designing the website. Of course, I failed at it; but it was the start of something.

As someone who have always been fascinated by designs, I believe a design (ranging from editorial to website) can look sleek while achieving its intended goal. I also believe that if we all must stand in the spotlight, we must learn to show up EXCELLENTLY with everything we represent, and one of it is DESIGNS.

FIRST, I am a Christian, and daily I choose to love the LORD, who is my Saviour, it isn't something I am ashamed of. 

SECOND, I love the smell of books, that's one key reason why I love editorial designs.

THIRD, my favorite number is 8; a funny way to put it, I was born on the 28th, so 8 has always mean a lot to me.

Asides honesty, transparency and being excellent. As a designer, I love to promote simplicity, creativity and originality. I am always seeking to learn and challenge myself out of the box. Besides, I am excited to work on projects that inspires me to be creative and innovative. 

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